Latinas In Business: Havi Goffan the genie behind Target Latino

Latinas in Business on Havi Goffan the genie behind Target Latino

Latinas in Business on Havi Goffan the genie behind Target Latino

Susana Baumann, the founder of Latinas in Business, is a multicultural marketing expert, business writer and published author. Baumann advocates for Latinos in the United States. She specialized in this market early on, when Hispanic was a “bad word” and companies would disregard the economic power of a burgeoning population..

It is a true distinction and honor for Target Latino to have Susana Baumann select Havi Goffan, our CEO for this exclusive interview published on Latinas in Business.

Just to whet your appetite, we share a few of Latinas in Business interview highlights:

On the Methodology and Algorithms developed by Target Latino in 2004 and 2010

“The Latino market is an ever evolving moving target that companies aim at with varying results. Finding a tool that would uncover the spending habits of your desired Hispanic audience is almost grabbing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Target Latino has long developed a methodology to identify Hispanics online independently of their language or level of acculturation.”

On who is Havi Goffan?

“An 18-year old curious woman about computers in Argentina few decades ago was not a common occurrence –I know because I am from the “pampas” – but rarer if she was interested in applying computer technology to marketing. Whaaaaat?”

“She recognized the power of cultural knowledge as one of the pillars, together with technology and business savvy, in capturing the Hispanic market. “Instead of broadcasting a message to a market that might or might not be interested in what you have to offer, you get ready to be found when they are looking for you,” she explained.”

On Hispanic Inbound Marketing (coined by Havi Goffan after Seth Godin’s “Inbound Marketing” because in Spanish does not truly cover the whole Hispanic market)

“Whatever it is that they are looking for, the Internet has changed the way Latinos decide what to buy and who to buy from. There are only 10 places on Google’s first page. It’s not just about language anymore; it is about culture and relevance,” Havi explained.

To read the full and fascinating interview, visit Latinas in Business!

About Latinas in Business – Economic empowerment for the Latina working woman

Latinas in Business is a community of communicators and business owners seeking only one goal: to support, enrich and empower the experience of Latinas in business and the workplace. From those running their own enterprises to those just entering the labor force or sitting in the corner office, is dedicated to the fastest growing business community in the nation: Latinas.

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Latinas in Business on Havi Goffan Industry Leaders

Latinas in Business on Havi Goffan Industry Leaders

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