La Parrillada Cook-Off Contest will surely be the talk of the town, as contestants battle it out to prove that their country truly is the master of the “Parrillada.”

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This reality TV show concept is good for both U.S. Hispanics and Hispanics in Latin America.


All Latinos that have national pride (it’s “gonna” be bloody)

Hispanics: all segments

Age bracket: All ages

Gender: Male and Female

Married or single

Language: Spanish or English (depending on network)

TV watchers and Internet surfers

A Reality TV Show Concept

La Parrillada Cook-Off Contest

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La Parrillada Cook-Off is a reality show similar to a Soccer Cup Playoff (Copa Libertadores). Latin American countries will confront one another in order to find out what country cooks the best parrillada. This concept taps into the very cultural core of competitiveness amongst Latin Americans given that they all think they will win! Of course, there are “the” favorites: Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and Uruguay…who will win?

Week after week, two or four countries will match their cooking wits and only one or two will win that round. A panel of selected and impartial judges along with an online vote count will determine the winners. The contest will be announced on television, radio, online, newspapers, billboards, magazines through the help of sponsorships, (XYZ proud sponsor of La Parrillada Cook-Off contest – featuring their own products).

The show judges and online voters from will select the grand-prize winner.

The Grand prize, “El Chorizo de Oro” will be determined by the organizers and sponsors.